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Daybreak on DVD

Published May 5, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Daybreak Daybreak
I was into Daybreak. For a dramatic show using the Groundhog Day gimmick, it had enough interesting developments to keep me wondering how he was going to solve things. Of course, I didn't like it enough to download the unaired episodes when they were offered on, but now that I can get the DVD, I'll finish the series.

On DVD: Daybreak

The rest of the episodes hold up as much as before. If you liked the show, there's no noticeable dip. Of course, if more people liked the show, we'd be in season two right now, not on DVD. It's easy to catch back up after a year and a half too, because they've left the recaps in.

The DVD holds up on an HDTV too. It looks pretty much like the aired episodes did, maybe not quite as sharp, but not grainy as some TV on DVD are. It's colorful and detailed, so you're not even losing the HDTV experience when you finish up Daybreak.

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Fred Topel
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