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Cute Couple Makes Made of Honor

Published May 1, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Columbia Pictures
Made of Honor Poster Made of Honor
Made of Honor is going to be huge because people love this crap. Mind you, I love so-called "chick flicks." 27 Dresses, The Notebook, Music & Lyrics are awesome. I'm talking about the crappy movies that substitute slapstick antics for actual observations about relationships.

Review: Made of Honor

Right away, the film has its two main characters sizing each other up out loud. This is not so much to show their rapport but to make sure the audience knows that we are in fact seeing Tom (Patrick Dempsey) womanize and Hannah resist his charms. Tom has all sorts of rules for his flings, so he'll learn. Some of them are downright awful, which I kind of respect him for. He's more emotional towards dogs than people.

By the time they show Tom's father (Sydney Pollack) joking about negotiating the prenup for his sixth or seventh marriage (he can't remember which), it's clear that the film is not having fun with these concepts. It's judging them. This is totally pro-marriage propaganda chastising anyone who might see the futility in traditional structures. I'm not supporting Tom and his dad, but I will fight to the death for their right to be ladies men.

Once Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor, the film just revels in gay jokes and marriage clichés. There's no actual awkwardness to Tom doing a traditionally female job, so they just call him gay over and over and over. And the comments about losing one's balls but marriage being the most important part of life serve no purpose. It really is just propaganda, or just there under the pretense of giving the film heart.

Tom has an ex in the wedding party that tries to sabotage his plans, but that barely pays off. He tries to make Hannah hate Scottish things because her fiancé is Scottish, but that just means ordering nasty haggis hors d'oeuvres. Very clever.

There is a potentially humorous segment where Tom tries to teach his babes some personality, but again there's no observation. They just pick three traits of Hannah and show how nobody else can make him feel the way she does.

Hannah's new beau (Kevin McKidd) is the unflappable foe because he can play basketball and has a big dick. Yeah, they went there. So, the only thing stopping Tom from professing his true feelings are a slam dunk and a boner.

There are a bunch of pratfalls along the lines of Matthew McConaughey's animal antics in Failure to Launch. They have an entire Scottish Olympics competition because there's no other gimmick to qualify this as a romantic comedy. And there are the same stupid misunderstandings that apply to every, usually better, rom-com.

God bless Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. They know what kind of movie they're in and they play it with sincerity. And it won't matter because they're a cute couple so people will just go with it.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures

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