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Anne Hathaway Talks Get Smart

Published May 1, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Warner Bros.
Get Smart Get Smart

Anne Hathaway took a break from one of Get Smart's big fight scenes to chat about the film. Today's shot shows her knocked down, leaving Maxwell Smart to content with a massive henchman himself. As the sequence progresses, Agent 99 recovers and kicks some butt herself.

Agent 99 Gives Get Smart Insight

"I kick a little ass for three more days," said Hathaway. "For me at least it’s a three part fight sequence and the first part I’ve lost my gun in an earlier scene so it’s hand to hand combat. I pick up a pipe as a weapon and then I have to battle him hand to hand and then I just sort of get dazed and confused. My favorite bit is when I get to run up a wall and turn around and punch him. And then I bake some cupcakes, you know."

Agent 99 was famously played by Barbara Feldon in the original TV series. Hathaway is aware of the legacy. "I haven’t met her. We were lucky enough to have Don Adams’ wife, daughter and granddaughter on set. His daughter said that she had talked to Miss Feldon and that she approved of my casting and was actually very happy with it and that made me feel very good. So I feel like I have the blessing of the icon and that’s part of the battle."

With Smart bumbling through the spy job providing the laughs, Agent 99 traditionally played the straight man/woman. This is one of the dynamics that the new film will update.

"We all loved the original series and you will not find bigger fans than us. We all decided we wanted to be very respectful while at the same time wanting to put our own mark on the film. So, what we talked about with Agent 99 was rather than making her a carbon copy of Barbara Feldon’s creation, we decided to respect the spirit of 99 which was she was a fully realized woman of her time. So rather than take Barbara Feldon and put her in 2008 is when the film comes out, we decided to make 99 a fully actualized woman of 2008. So, as a result I do get some zingers. I’ll a little bit of a hell-raiser and hopefully I also bring…we also retain some of the elegance of the original character."

Get Smart the movie reinvents the origin of Smart and 99's partnership. "What we decided rather what they decided and I agreed with when I got cast was that 99 would already be an established agent and one of the best that Control has. So Max heard about her for years not realizing she was a woman and she’s been away on deep cover, comes back, they meet and through a series of circumstances they’re assigned as each other’s partners. So in the beginning 99 is a superior agent. She is in a position of strength because she has more experience and as a result she’s a little disdainful of Max but as he starts to win her over you start to see the chemistry that made the original series so wonderful come out."

Get Smart opens to theatres on June 20th.

For the trailers, posters, stills and more movie info, go to the Get Smart Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros.

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