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Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer?

Published April 1, 2008 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | IGN
The greatest April Fools' joke of them all. Though I've had multiple emails stating, "not an April Fools' joke," let's take a look at the trailer, shall we?

Wait - what trailer?

Legend of Zelda Trailer

IGN has posted a trailer for Legend of Zelda. It looks good, in a super-cheesy Uwe Boll sort of way. Due to this cheese-factor, I can't figure out what you believers are all so excited about. If I was a fan of Zelda and saw this trailer for what is supposedly an upcoming film I'd be pretty pissed. On the other hand, I also love it. As an April Fools' prank, the trailer is pretty incredible. How do I know it's a prank? Well, the date for one, and the release date for two.

How much spare money does IGN have over there?

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Ryan Parsons
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