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Nick Pitera is Awesome (Watch This!)

Published March 31, 2008 in Entertainment
By Ryan Parsons | Video from YouTube
Though CanMag specializes in film, every once in a while something comes along that is so cool we just have to point it out.

While enjoying some cloudy weather in San Diego this weekend I was told to look up 'Nick Pitera' without a clue on what to expect. Fortunately, the search was film-related, and had something to do with both Disney's Aladdin and Little Mermaid.

Nick Pitera Shows Us a New World of Singing

I don't want to give too much away, as the surprise is a big part of it, but watch the two videos of Nick Pitera singing "A Whole New World" and "Part of Your World" below. Be sure to watch the top one first. During the first minute you will likely assume that all I have you watching is a great male singer who has a thing for Disney animated films. Not so.

Just past the minute mark, the guy's balls fall off and he begins to sing at an entirely different pitch. No, nothing scary happens, it is just awesome. I had hoped to save this for April Fools' but I lost patience.

Strangely badass, right?
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Video from YouTube

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