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American Idol Week 6 Top 10 Recap

Published March 25, 2008 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
The countdown begins to the finale at the Nokia Theatre. Tonight our Top 10 performed songs from the year they were born. Always a fun theme.

Ryan looked hot again this week. He stressed song selection would be vital.

Let’s break them down from the best to the rest.

Season 7 Week 6 Top 10 American Idol Recap

David Cook – (Born 1982) – “Billy Jean” – great choice, true to his rocker image, outstanding, coming on stronger each week – Randy said most original, most bold, you might be the one to win the whole lot, blazin’ molten hot – Paula said smart, brave, brilliant – Simon said brave, could have been insane or amazing was amazing.

Michael Johns – (Born 1978) – “We Will Rock You” – back in it, his best performance since Hollywood week – Randy said finally, best performance for me since you been on this show – Paula said this was your shining moment, fantastic – Simon said first time with you I saw star potential, got it right, only memorable performance of the night so far.

Syesha Mercado – (Born 1987) – “If I was Your Woman” – finally a song perfect for her, sung beautifully, great version – Randy said best I’ve ever heard you sing, stellar, I’m shocked and loving it – Paula said the moment where everyone remembers Syesha flipped it, brilliant – Simon said best so far, limit on your vocal, that song stretched it.

Carly Smithson – (Born 1983) – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – powerful, strong performance – Randy said interesting song choice, OK for me – Paula said loved what you did at the end, can do no wrong – Simon said something didn’t quite work there, need to lighten up.

Chikezie – (Born 1985) – “If Only for One Night” – nice ballad, better to pick songs people are familiar with, solid – Randy said old school, didn’t love it for you, boring – Paula said I disagree, great job with textures of your voice – Simon said sang it well, performance cheesy, nothing original.

David Archuleta – (Born 1990 yikes!) – “You’re the Voice” – ditto Chikezie better to choose songs people know, good, but not as good as last week – Randy said strange song choice, very nice – Paula said you can sing the phone book and we’d love you – Simon said didn’t like the performance at all, theme park quality, not you at all.

Kristy Lee Cook – (Born 1984) – “God Bless the USA” – better than anything she’s done before, America will love it – Randy said great song choice, few pitchy spots, nice performance – Paula said good choice, watch pitch, you’re growing – Simon said your best performance by a mile, most clever song choice in years.

Brooke White – (Born 1983) – “Every Breath You Take” – on piano, whoops at beginning, started over, nice enough – Randy said interesting song choice, OK for me, ‘ahright’ – Paula said enjoyed it more than last week, consistent – Simon said totally agree with Randy, first half fantastic, old fashioned when band joined in.

Jason Castro – (Born 1987 it’s his 21st birthday today) – “Fragile” – on guitar, song too big for him, didn’t connect until end – Randy said good choice, ‘ahright’, nice – Paula said staying true to who you are, didn’t see anything different, safe – Simon said time you take this seriously, too laid back, not going to win doing that week after week.

Ramiele Malubay – (Born 1987) – “Alone” – beginning rough, screamy in parts, possibly her worst performance – Randy said not the right song, pitchy – Paula said you’re really sick, I’m sure you picked the song when you were healthy – Simon said first part OK, shrieky and shouty middle, if you got through with last week you’ll make it through to next week.

Idol alum Kimberley Locke will perform tomorrow night. Who will survive this week? Results Wednesday night on Fox.

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