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American Idol Week 5 Top 11 Recap

Published March 19, 2008 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
I felt it was too early to revisit the songs of The Beatles. Most of Tuesday night’s performances proved me right. It was sad to see these great songs done such a disservice. Beatles week should have reemerged for the Top 6.

A handsome Ryan opened the show – clean shaven with a great suit, no tie – never looked better. There was a short film biography of The Beatles. They were the voice of a generation. I hope this sparks interest in some of the young viewers not familiar with their amazing contribution to the world of music.

Even though there were only 11 contestants, it was a two hour show. I guess it was important to completely overlap Dancing with the Stars. This made for a very slow paced presentation.

Season 7 Week 5 Top 11 American Idol Recap

David Archuleta – “The Long and Winding Road” – redemption, melodic, clear tone – Randy said brought the hotness back, very nice - Paula said exciting, wonderful, purity – Simon said last week a complete mess, this week amazing, master class.

Carly Smithson – “Blackbird” – clear, beautiful, great tone, poignant – Randy said another great performance, controlled, ‘cooliosis’ – Paula said amazing tone, arrangement beautiful – Simon said don’t think it was smart, indulgent.

David Cook – “Day Tripper” (White Snake version from the ‘70’s) – accompanied himself on guitar, a true contender for the top spot – Randy said another solid look for David Cook – Paula said you’re ready to sell records – Simon said not as good as you thought it was, lost your element of surprise, predictable.

Syesha Mercado – “Yesterday” – nice performance, straining for some notes, looked old – Randy said very, very, very good performance – Paula said vulnerable, connects with audience with eyes – Simon said your best performance so far, chose best song, sold song well.

Jason Castro – “Michelle” – faster rendition, some notes cracking, reaching to hit some, nice – Randy said good choice, subdued, not connected – Paula said distinct charm, uncomfortable – Simon said weird show tonight, your face sold that, lucky on TV and not on radio, charming without being obnoxious.

Ramiele Malubay – “I Should Have Known Better” – pageant worthy performance, not singing to her potential – Randy said liked it, showed confidence, ‘ahright’ -Paula said better than last week – Simon said like you, track sounded terrible, chose mediocre song.

Brooke White – “Here Comes the Sun” – folksy version, ok, some people shouldn’t dance – Randy said awkward for me, you weren’t connected to song, was not hot – Paula said can’t help but smile when I watch you, could have been more challenging – Simon said performance terrible, wet, forgettable.

Chikezie – “I’ve Just Seen a Face” – beginning ballad, sped up to bluesy country with harmonica, not terrible – Randy said good parts and bad parts, fast part a good country song – Paula said ballad pure, full scope of who you are – Simon said started off ok, harmonica atrocious, achy breaky at end, gimmicky, not as good as last week.

Michael Johns – “A Day in the Life” – boring, where’s the dude who sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”?, days are numbered – Randy said wasn’t one of your best performances, not the right song – Paula said sounded phenomenal in dress rehearsal – Simon said a mess, didn’t hit right notes, got to nail songs, not good enough.

Kristy Lee Cook – “Hide Your Love Away” – is she still here?, well at least she was better than last week (not hard to do), falling short on notes – Randy said interesting arrangement, little boring and safe – Paula said best you’ve ever looked, good – Simon said not a good performer, need hypnosis, musical wallpaper, better this week.

Amanda Overmyer – “Back in the USSR” – slurring words, not with music, one trick pony, we’ve seen all she has to show, I’m so done – Randy said perfect song choice, pitchy at beginning, cool at end, 7 out of 10 – Paula said sketchy at first, ahead of beat – Simon said predictable, mess in parts, need to try something else or will become boring.

“I’ve Got a Feeling” who will be singing “I’m a Loser”. Hopefully the voters will “Come Together” and “Help” “Please, Please Me” with the outcome. Result show Wednesday night on Fox. Performance by Idol alum Kelly Pickler.

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