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Idol Contestant Cheated?

Published March 12, 2008 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Fox.
American Idol American Idol
While I normally let J. Rodgers do all the reporting on this season of American Idol -- report coming tomorrow -- I have to admit that I've been watching (while working) every night and sometimes have a strong opinion on the show.

Scandal! Now I can't claim I watched them all entirely, but didn't the last four seasons of American Idol all have some sort of scandal? No? Three for four?

Doesn't matter, as this season definitely had a bit of its own something-something. Yes, it's true, David Hernandez used to make good money at being a stripper in no, not Nevada, but Phoenix. To make conservative viewers cringe a bit more, Hernandez was stripping for, what's the politically correct way of saying this, other dudes. Stop trying to picture it. He's a guy, naked, lapdancing on another guy.

Having spent my entire life serving tables, I can agree that gay men are the best tippers -- he made a great choice of clientele. But where was I?

With David Hernandez getting the boot during the first week of Idol's final 12, I can only come to two theories why.

And it's not because he was the worst.

Idol's David Hernandez Controversy

Theory One: Idol watchers don't like gay people. Now, I don't know if Hernandez is gay per-se, but guy-on-guy lapdancing does sound questionable. They already gave Danny Noriega the boot, so why not make the rest of Idol hetero?

Theory Two: Since I can't believe that viewers would pull their votes for David only because he had one not-so-good performance, I can only wonder if Idol had it staged to boot him off. To avoid any controversy -- I mean, they have kicked bad-history singers off before -- they took the easy road by pretending he got the least votes.

Sounds scandalous, I know, and that's why I think the loss of David Hernandez should go down with some some whispers of 'upset', 'questionable' and, of course, 'scandal'.

I really don't watch the show that close, but there's some food for thought.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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