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American Idol Week 4 Top 12 Recap

Published March 12, 2008 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox.
American Idol American Idol
Ryan announces the wait is over. The new stage is incredible. Fans are in the bleachers and there is a mosh pit in front of the judges. This is so exciting!

The theme this week is the Lennon and McCartney songbook. There is a black and white photo retrospective. This brought back such great memories. The duo is credited with being the strongest influence of the rock and roll era. Lennon and McCartney had more #1 songs than any other songwriters.

Each of the contestants will perform one song and voting will begin at the end of the show. Let’s break it down from the best to the rest.

Season 7 Week 4 Top 12 American Idol Recap

Carly Smithson – “Come Together” – best performance of the competition so far, gave me goose bumps - Randy said strong confident, stellar, not a note out of tune – Paula said already watching a star – Simon said right song, reminds him of six years ago when Kelly Clarkson emerged.

Brooke White – “Let it Be” – accompanied herself on piano, clear tone, emotional, lovely – Randy said dream come true for you, conviction, heartfelt performance, the dog is a fan – Paula said niche, picking songs where we can feel your heart – Simon said one of the best performances of the night, brilliant choice of song three weeks running, believable, great

David Cook – “Eleanor Rigby”- went hard rock with it, interesting version, true rocker – Randy said you can rock out on ‘idol’, rockin’, you got this – Paula said dark horse, thoroughbred, front man – Simon said brilliant, you could win if it were a talent competition and not a popularity competition.

Chikezie – “She’s a Woman” – country in the beginning then bluesy rock, entertaining, into the performance, nice job – Randy said thoroughly entertained, loved the arrangement, smashed it – Paula said waiting for this, reward great for taking a risk – Simon said really surprised, agree with Randy and Paula, took control of the stage.

Ramiele Marubay – “In My Life” – slow soulful version, beautiful voice – Randy said kinda pretty, but also kinda pretty boring – Paula said look lovely tonight, pretty safe, feel you’re holding back – Simon said bored to tears, dreary song choice, forgettable, boring, expect a lot better than that

Syesha Mercado – “Got to Get You Into my Life” – took it in an R&B direction, nice, looked old – Randy said nice arrangement (Earth, Wind and Fire), pitch problems at beginning, ‘ahright’ – Paula said very good singer, pitchy at beginning, sounded great midway to end – Simon said great choice of songs, looked nervous, much better than last week.

Jason Castro – “If I Fell” – acoustic with guitar at first then band joined in, sweet, reaching for notes in spots – Randy said liked it didn’t love it, ‘ahright’ – Paula said disagree with Randy, I feel your heart, emotional connection with songs – Simon said like a student in a bedroom at midnight, boring, not as good as last week.

Michael Johns – “Across the Universe” – ballad, better from middle to end, ok – Randy said good, ok, a little sleepy, ‘ahright’ – Paula said disagree with Randy again, quiet confidence, brilliant performance – Simon said agree with Randy, solid but monotonous.

David Archuleta – “We Can Work It Out” – Stevie Wonder version, forgot the words more than once, singing good when knew the lyrics – Randy said not on point, felt forced, didn’t work – Paula said wasn’t your best week, forgetting lyrics is tough – Simon said a mess, stumbled over lyrics in the beginning, his weakest performance so far.

Amanda Overmyer – “You Can’t Do That” – more rockin’ version, better performance, looked more comfortable than last week, singing ok – Randy said rocked it out, good lookin’ out, very cool – Paula said blown away, best season of talent – Simon said not as good as last week, slurring words understood about thirty percent, breath of fresh air.

David Hernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There” – not as good as last week, bad song selection, kinda cheesy – Randy said too overdone, too much going on – Paula said overdid it a bit – Simon said no, no, no, corny verging on desperate, rabbit in headlights, not a strong performance.

Kristy Lee Cook – “Eight Days a Week” – gone country, song too fast, not good, but cute girl – Randy said trying to force runs, torn with this one – Paula said didn’t enjoy it, didn’t get it – Simon said horrendous, Dolly Parton on helium, brave but foolish.

Who ‘Should Have Known Better’ with song selection and will total enough votes to ‘Get Back’ in the competition? We will meet the mentors for the season. Results will show who will ‘Twist and Shout’ their way onward. ‘Don’t Let Me Down” tune in for results Wednesday night on Fox.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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