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Pretty Generic Crime Series: The Bank Job

Published March 6, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
The Bank Job Poster The Bank Job
To be fair to The Bank Job, let me state that the day of the screening, I overslept and rushed across town to barely make it for the opening credits. Perhaps that put me in a foul mood, unable to relax and enjoy the film. If it was actually awesome, somebody please let me know. Otherwise it seems like a generic TV true crime reenactment.

Movie Review: The Bank Job

I love heist movies. I think the preparations are fascinating and the execution exciting. Here is a heist movie with no engagement, and it's true too. Terry (Jason Statham) gets recruited into a job by an old flame (Saffron Burrows) and executes the plan with his crew. The robbery of safety deposit boxes involves various political figures as well.

In the beginning, they just debate doing the job. This isn't cool planning stuff, it's just a pep rally to make sure they have the balls to do it. The ultimate plan is basic, just digging with a lookout stationed. Okay, so that was probably reality.

The characters are in no way striking, not grossly inept for humor nor master skillful for intrigue. There's no humor except one moment where a guy accidentally uses names on the walkie talkie, but that's been done. And I guess a dorky porn star is supposed to be funny too. You can also let me know if that's funnier than I thought.

There's no suspense. The only threats to their mission are vague. If this was how it truly went down, they should have invented something for drama. There are no real setbacks. Two potential setbacks end up not even slowing the team down. They just pick back up and keep going.

By the time the cops come, who cares if they're caught or how? Tying in with militant activists and corrupt politicians isn't all that interesting either. The aftermath with the customers whining about their security boxes is also real, but who cares about their private stuff?

There's one fight scene for Statham fans, but just a basic brawl. You just want the film to hurry up and work out all its plot so you can go. This banal nonaction story is Jason Statham's Raw Deal or Boiling Point.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Lionsgate.

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