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LOST Cast Questions Answered

Published March 4, 2008 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC.
LOST Season Three Poster LOST
I have been loving every minute of this season's (Season 4) LOST. I don't know how the writers come up with this sh*t, but so far there is enough cool content amongst all the confusion. While the show has been more likely to answer some of the smaller questions this season, TV Guide caught up with Damon Lindelof who, if you can believe it, is taking questions from the LOST cast.

Lost Questions Answers

Lost executive producer Lindelof answers questions from the cast with humorous results.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer): "Is it Jack's turn with Kate?"
Cuse: [Laughs] That doesn't sound very romantic, but I guess we get the underlying meaning. The Jack-Kate situation remains unresolved and probably will be for a while.
Lindelof: We will say we haven't seen the last of Sawyer and Kate this season. Not by a long shot.

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond): "It's 2004 on the boat. What year is it in Penny's world? What year is it when the Oceanic 6 get home?"

Lindelof: What's fundamentally interesting about all the time-jumping is that we want it to make sense when people watch the show 10 years from now. We don't want it to seem dated. So it's not really about what year it is in the outside world, it's about how many years have elapsed between the time that we're watching on the island and the flash-forwards. That's one of the fun games the audience is playing: "Gee, Aaron looks like he's about 18 months old. What does that mean, and how old was he when they got off the island?"
Cuse: There are some growth issues when you go on or off the island. But I can't say more about that.
Lindelof: You've already said enough.

And whatever happened to Michael?

Evangeline Lilly (Kate): "Did Michael reach the mainland? Go home? Come back to rescue us?" Cuse: The good news is that Evie will get all of her answers in [the March 20th] episode. Lindelof: Well, most of them. Cuse: Those questions form the basis for that episode. Evie should be somewhat happy.

To read all the questions from the LOST cast, head on over to TV Guide.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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