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The Royal Tramp Collection on DVD

Published March 2, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
The Royal Tramp Collection The Royal Tramp Collection
The Royal Tramp Collection does not benefit from the Dragon Dynasty remaster that the Shaw Brothers films received. The '90s films looks older, washed out with huge grains on a big HDTV. But that's cool, just like old times. You can totally see the wires in some shots, though occasionally a color like yellow will shine bright in the upconvert.

On DVD: The Royal Tramp Collection

The films are still entertaining. This is Stephen Chow before his fancy visual effects. He didn't direct the Royal Tramp films, but Wong Jing has a similar sensibility with crazy action and silliness. There are some inventive kills and wire moves (though visible).

Chow takes slapstick blows and there are a few cartoony gags and sound effects, but it's old school style. Eunich jokes compare favorably to Action Jackson. The battery of women plays as quaint. There is some epic kung fu in there too.

Interestingly, the subtitles do not carry through to signage in the scene. You actually miss some of the jokes until the characters explain them. Still, it's totally watchable.
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Fred Topel
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