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Dan In Real Life on Blu-ray

Published February 21, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Gone Baby Gone Blu-ray Dan In Real Life
I almost like these kinds of movies more than the big action blockbuster when it comes to Blu Ray. You know that the big summer tentpoles are going to look awesome, but little intimate comedies blow me away with all their surprises. Oh my God, the paper grain on an envelope is amazing. The bread and peanut butter for Dan's lunchtime snacks… These are the things that make me revel over Dan in Real Life on Blu Ray.

On Blu-Ray: Dan In Real Life

Of course, all the colors of east coast fall are out in full bloom, and there are some fabulous shots of dusk and moonlight. The main setting of the film, that old wood paneled house, is full of shades and knots. Even the dirty east coast beach makes the grime look beautiful and at sunset, wow.

They even got the skyline right. There is only but the slightest bit of grain, but to any average eye it just looks like a solid shape of color, graded from white to blue. The bowling alley scene gives you crisp black silhouettes.

There are some wavy lines noticeable occasionally, but hardly any and they are never distracting. It's just a leg, a telephone pole or a door frame. They can skimp on that if they give me all those sunsets and sky colors.

I must say I love seeing deleted scenes in HD also. Dan in Real Life has some pretty significant ones that would have changed the dynamics of the film. There's more time spent before they arrive at the reunion. We see the eldest daughter drive disastrously, which would have really changed the moment at the end. There's a lot more narration by Dan, reciting stuff that's in his column. There is even a scene of Dan going off his game with the kids. There's also some extra talent show stuff that's like being forced to watch someone's home movies, but in 20 minutes, there are at least 15 worth of interesting omissions.

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Fred Topel
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