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Good Luck Chuck on Blu-ray

Published February 11, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Good Luck Chuck Good Luck Chuck
I said the only way I would watch Good Luck Chuck was if I got it on Blu Ray, so when they sent me the Blu Ray, I had to honor my word. I watched it on fast forward because the PS3 has that 1.5 speed where you can still totally understand the dialogue. I got through the movie in an hour, but was disappointed that not only wasn't it as bad as everybody said, but I actually loved it!

On Blu-Ray: Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba does good pratfalls. Maybe the high speed improves the comic timing, but these were much more outrageous than what usually passes in romantic comedies. Chuck responds to the situation like an actual human being. I found myself feeling his pain, metaphorically at least. It's the idea of your partner waiting for the next thing, or being afraid that your true love cannot possibly overcome your history.

They really told a full story out of the one-line high concept. I can see where maybe Dan Fogler's character would lose people, but just tune him out (much easier to do in high speed). Anyway, I'm going to have to watch it sometime on normal speed to see if it holds up. Anyway, onto the Blu Ray.

Obviously, this isn't really the type of movie that home theater stores demo their Blu Ray systems on, but it offers a few choice details, the least of which is HD boobies. A few of the babes have freckles and that just destroys me, seeing every little dot on their perfect skin. Alba is golden in HD, shiny and glimmering when wet in the bathtub.

Since they use a penguin habitat as a major set piece, that is a major source of HD detail. Obviously the penguin feathers, but also the sharp lines and cracks of the fake rocks and the crystal blue water. There is a sleek airplane shot and a romantic night full of moonlit puddles, so they did do some Blu Ray justice with a simple movie.

The bonus feature that blows up all of the various sex scenes to full frame is also worthwhile in HD. And if you didn't like the film, try it on high speed. That may be the difference.

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Fred Topel
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