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Ryan Discovers Gone Baby Gone on DVD

Published February 7, 2008 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Miramax Films.
Gone Baby Gone DVD Gone Baby Gone
I missed my opportunity to see Gone Baby Gone in theaters and was therefore excited about the chance to catch it first on DVD. Now, before this film hit theaters I had questioned how Ben Affleck would be in a leading role when surrounded by such an insanely strong cast that included names such as Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris.

With 2007 now finished and through, just about every moviegoer has learned that the other Affleck is more than an instrument in Ocean's however so many, but a terrific actor who pulled off two Oscar-worthy films; one of which earned him a nomination.

DVD Review: Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is a solid movie. Everything is there. What I was looking for, however, was the new 'Eye-Opening Extended Ending.' Sure, I didn't really know there was such a thing until seeing the claim on the front of the DVD box, but it was worth to see if this extended ending could live up to this aforementioned hype. Now, I wouldn't exactly call it 'Eye-Opening,' but it was certainly 'Thought-Provoking' - which the back of the box confirmed it would be.

As I mentioned above, Casey Affleck is terrific in this film, along with just about every face that appears in front of the camera.

I just got my Xbox 360's red ring of death repaired, so was able to watch the DVD upconverted to 1080i through my HD DVD player. It looked good, doing very well (at points) in the higher resolution. I've seen better, sure, but it's to be expected from a film a crime-themed cinematography. Yeah, I don't exactly know what that means either, but it fits.

Not to leave out the original Affleck, Ben, the DVD comes with some audio commentary and a behind the scenes segment featuring Ben, sorry, Director Affleck's take on the film. If you are a fan of Ben, which I am, then you should enjoy them.

The deleted scenes didn't really do anything for me, but maybe that's because I prefer my deleted scenes to be full of humor or gags.

I'll let that go, however, considering that the number one marketed item, the 'Thought-Provoking' ending, actually is thought-provoking.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Miramax Films.

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