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Rambo Can't Handle Spartans

Published January 27, 2008 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox.
Meet the Spartans Poster Meet the Spartans
A violent weekend at the box office. While Rambo jumped off his river raft fully loaded and shooting, it was a silly spoof that took the top spot.

Box Office Champ: Meet the Spartans

Expect lots of requests for more spoofs after this weekend. That is, when the WGA finally puts down their signs and picks up their pens. Though the race was close the past few days, Meet the Spartans came out on top with $18.7 million. With its insane and gory action, Rambo came in just behind at $18.2 million.

Second might not have been the placement Lionsgate expected, but Sylvester Stallone still has reason to be happy. His second revival took in six million more than Rocky Balboa and, better yet, reconfirmed that Stallone is still one of the best action stars out there - even at 60.

Unlike Meet the Spartans, half of Rambo's mostly-male audience was over the age of 25. Why such an even split? Well, you got one half who love the idea of hard-R action while the rest enjoyed fond memories of Stallone back in the '80s. With proven success, one has to wonder if we can expect a Rambo V.

"This film has been a long time coming," said Harvey Weinstein, noting that his brother Bob bought the Rambo rights at auction when they were running Miramax, and the new film only got going when Lerner became involved more recently. "Based on these numbers, there should be another one."

While Lionsgate and Fox have reason to celebrate, Paramount has to wonder what happened to Cloverfield. After posting record numbers during its opening weekend, the J.J. Abrams creation dropped a whopping 68% to earn another $12.7 million. Scary, yes, but all money is considered positive income at this point.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox.

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