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Mr. Brooks on Blu-Ray

Published January 21, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Mr. Brooks Blu-ray Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks is actually my favorite type of movie to watch in high definition. It's not a visual spectacle, no major effects or landscapes. It's all about character, so all the high definition detail goes into the actors' faces.

On Blu-Ray: Mr. Brooks

The actors may not like this, but I do. I want to see how people really look, and the Blu Ray quality shows off all the experience in Kevin Costner's face. Different lighting effects are noticeable, particularly shadow and harsh under light. But even the straight daytime shots give him the weight of his internal burden.

William Hurt has some nice character too. The ladies are of course softer and more glamorous, but just the edges of faces are sharper. There's no soft focus here. Moore is a crisp figure cutting through the mystery. Danielle Panabaker is smooth innocence, ironic as her character develops.

There are a few nice looking sets and some colorful solid scenes, but they're not going to show Mr. Brooks alongside 300 in Best Buy. This is for real film connoisseurs, detailhounds to appreciate.
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Fred Topel
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