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Real Pirates, Behind Bars

Published March 26, 2005 in Technology
By Bubba Craner | None
DVD Burner Will your DVD burner burn you?
According to a March 24th Associated Press press release, ten individuals have been arrested in Philadelphia, PA for pirating DVD's.

Raiding three different addresses with search warrants, Philadelphia Police Department detectives seized more than $10,000.00 in cash, 8,000 DVD's, some being masters and some pirated copies, 50 DVD burners and 14 CD burners.

Your Favorite DVD Burner

This is good news to the Motion Pictures Association of America's ears, but how should the public take affect.

Well, we should recognize that actions are being taken to minimize the business of pirating DVD's and CD's, however, you don't need to feel that just because you own a DVD burner and frequently buy blank DVD's that you have a sign on your back.

This media can be used for storing large amounts of information, albeit movies, though you can use them to back up your digital photo collection, or copy multiple programs to for future use. DVD burning technology is a great one and it will continue to advance, but by no means should anyone feel skeptical about purchasing any of its corresponding equipment.

Besides, isn't it great to be able to burn copies of movies you have purchased legitimately so that you can take those copies on road trips, or to your friends place with never having to worry about keeping it in tip-top shape, and never needing to purchase it again? I am sure that most of you have had to purchase a CD, or DVD twice because you neglected to keep it in its proper case.

But the reality of it is that it is not realistic, in today's digital world, to always keep CD's and DVD's in their proper case; these cases are most often too cumbersome to carry with us everywhere we take the contents of them. As a result, these discs's get scratched and often ruined. I myself take advantage of this technology, because I have had to purchase CD's multiple times for this exact reason, and am now making a conscious effort to never have to do that again, especially when finding out that the Recording Industry Association of America was fined some astronomical figure for fixing CD prices too high in the mid nineties.

These people who were arrested in Philadelphia were not consumers who use this technology legitimately, but are people who are copying and distributing DVD's for the sole purpose of making money. They are the ones who are giving this technology a bad name, not the average person. So keep on buying those blank DVD's and take advantage of the latest technology advancements because they really are great and ingenious.

For the full press release, click here:

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