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New Chapter for Ninjai

Published March 23, 2005 in Flash Animation
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Official Site
Ninjai Chapter 12 brings even more gore to the series.
I'm always a fan of free movies, and the internet flash series titled Ninjai falls just under that. When the series finally hit Chapter 10, the team took a brief hiatus [or at least there was a delay on further chapters], and have only begun to create [or publish] more chapters beginning last month.

New Ninjai Episode-- Chapter 12

At the start of this month, the AtomFilms sponsored Ninjai recently released their latest chapter-- Chapter 12. The chapter is a refreshing change to the boring chapters of 8,9,10, which only featured the little ninja stuck in a swamp of quick sand.

All in all, this is a great series that features plenty of cool ninja action and nice blood and gore to boot. If you haven't seen or heard of Ninjai before, head over to the official site and check it out.

Ninjai- Chapter 12 features the redemption of the corrupt general as he and his army [with a creepy assassin] try to hunt out the little ninja. People are bound to get hurt... or split in to.

Check out Ninjai: The Little Ninja

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Ryan Parsons
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