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Hurricane Bar for All

Published March 2, 2005 in Music
By Bubba Craner | Image from Amazon
Mando Diao Mando Diao's Hurrican Bar available at Amazon.
Sweden's sassy roots-honoring, post punk rock band, Mando Diao, is eagerly awaiting the response of their sophomore album, Hurricane Bar, by their U.S. fans. The album will be on store shelves on March 8th, 2005 (next Tuesday) and is expected to take the band to the next level.

A Look at Diao's Hurrican Bar

Their debut album found much global success and put them on the map of rock bands worth checking out, however Hurricane Bar is expected to define them as the band that can entice a following: a following of fans, club promoters and other bands grabbing onto their coattails of success. "Hurricane Bar is Mando Diao with their guard down."

Already, Hurricane Bar has seen acclaim with its single, "Clean Town", which Diao was not surprised of. "Clean Town, has been lying around maturing for about two years. Which, according to Mando's philosophy, is a proof of its strength. "If you still like a song then, you know that it's got mileage"".

Mando Diao is from Borlänge, Sweden, and they attach their success as a band to their hometown of high crime rates and weekly street corner homicides. It is the horrifying reality of their town that unites them--they all decided that the only way to get out of town alive was through music.

The passion for their music came as a result of a sickening from an epidemic of watered-down, radio friendly pop crap that fills the airways everyday, and they parallel that passion for their music to the faith Christians have in God. "We felt that rock & roll would be the one thing in our lives that would never let us down. It was something we could count on, just like a Christian could count on God. When someone feels he's been betrayed by God, he gets really angry." That's what happened to our heroes as rock dribbled away into a puddle of gooey pop and poseur punk. They came to realize that the only way to keep the magic alive, and to keep their faith intact, would be to do it themselves." As if their music were their god, they are subject to the demands of their music and must obey it.

Their sound is that of the post-punk, garage rock, pop sound, however they are the band that The Strokes and The Hives wish they were, but don't let me lead you to think that they are unoriginal, because, in today's world of pop infested do-it-for-the-money bands, unoriginal is precisely what they are not. One real, focused, listen and you will realize that their music is anything but simple pop music. Their music is grounded in the soul of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and these influences are paid their proper respect throughout their music.

All through 2005 they can be found touring North America, Canada and Europe, so if you like them, which I am most certain you will, check their tour schedule because they may be coming to an area near you. They can be found throughout Europe in March and April, and then they cross the Atlantic for a month of scheduled stops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

For more information on the band, check out their official website.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image from Amazon

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