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Purchase Laughs on VH1's VSPOT

Published December 9, 2006 in Entertainment
By Bassam Tarazi | Image property of respective holders.
We’ve all done it. We’ve all sat there watching QVC and wondered, “Do these people really take themselves seriously?” It’s so easy to make fun of and sure it’s been spoofed before but not like this it hasn’t, and not so generously shared either. Just go watch the “Home Purchasing Club” or “HPC” at, trust me.

VH1's Home Purchasing Club on VSPOT

To celebrate the rolling out of their new VSPOT syndicated video player, VH1 has so graciously given us a new broadband comedy series spoofing the home shopping channels. And we’re not talking about kids posting a funny movie on, oh no no no, my friend. SNL veterans along with players from Drew Carey’s Improv, as well as talents from The Second City Chicago bring you the sketch comedy as only they can: cheeky, brilliant, wonderfully stylish and damn funny. The eight-episode series can only be found on VSPOT’s new syndicated player with a new episode being released every week or so through 1/15/07. The first episode alone, titled: “Men’s Hygiene Forum”, had me spewing my half eaten pasta on to my computer screen (which I will bill VH1 for) and gave the word ‘Denver’ a reason to make you laugh!

Why should you care about this free comedic brilliance? Well, it’s because of what the comedic brilliance can do for you. VH1 has officially cut out the middle man in this VSPOT venture. Web publishers have the ability to “snag” the player and VSPOT content for their own sites, not to mention the ability to share content by the “send to a friend” option. Perhaps the feature on the player, which differentiates it from most, is its ability to be dynamically updated with new content. If a user snags an episode of "Home Purchasing Club," for instance, a new episode will automatically update in the player the following week and will be available alongside the originally "snagged" episode. New content options will populate the playlist, providing users with additional relevant VH1 content; however, the originally snagged video will remain the default content in the users' player. So VH1 does all the work but ipso facto, you look like the genius. I mean, what did you do to deserve a free comedic broadband series on your website in the first place?

Home Purchasing Club Home Purchasing Club

Home Purchasing Club Home Purchasing Club

HPC was created by writer/actor Sean Masterson (Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Green Screen Show, The Second City - Chicago) and co-written by writer/actor Jonathan Mangum (Drew Carey Show, Wayne Brady Show, Reno 911). HPC was developed and directed by Emmy Award-winner Brian Roberts (Drew Carey Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, One On One) and produced by commercial vet Tom Lowe and Executive Produced by Generate, a media neutral development production company.

VSPOT at ( - VH1's broadband channel (think of a smarter, sharper version of MTV’s Overdrive. Sorry big brother, your little brother is a little more en vogue) brings viewers the richest music and pop-culture video content while it's happening: live events, series sneak peeks, exclusive celeb Q&A's, movie trailers, in-studio performances and original series, not to mention thousands of music videos, customizable play lists and artist interviews.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Bassam Tarazi
Sources: Image property of respective holders.

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