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CanMag Updates- Updated Movie Pages and Bassam Jumps On

Published November 1, 2006 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of CanMag.Com.
CanMag Developments New Developments and Upgrades
We worked through the month of October in order to polish and complete some improvements around CanMag and now have two further additions and/or improvements to announce.

CanMag Updates- Movie Pages and New Writer

CanMag Movie Pages

One of the most common complaints we have been getting recently is that we have too many outgoing links that readers don't know are outgoing. One such link is the poster image for each film in the Movie Database.

Before the update, any time you clicked on the poster you were immediately taken to AllPoster's movie section of their site. This really wasn't working out so we have removed the link entirely and now, depending if we have poster available or not, clicking on the poster image will show you official images for whatever film you are viewing or the full-size version of the poster itself.

We have had to update every film manually, so it is taking some time. In the words of Homer, "Passion to kill rising."

Read more on the poster link.

New Writer- Bassam

A new writer has joined the staff of CanMag! Bassam Tarazi has been freelancing himself around the internet with some hilarious articles at sites such as The Phat Phree. Since he does come packing with experience, Bassam asked we didn't use nicknames like "sport," "champ," and "junior" when talking to or about him.

Alright chief.

Bassam kicked off his career (can we call it that?) here at CanMag with the Speed Racer announcement and we hope to see more articles from him in the form of DVD reviews, theatrical reviews, editorials and general movie updates.

Check out Bassam.

That's it for now! More site updates coming shortly!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of CanMag.Com.

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