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CanMag Turns Two!

Published September 17, 2006 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of CanMag.Com.
CanMag Turns Two Somewhere near 15 in dog years.
I am sure a time will come when we stop celebrating every birthday we have, but for the time being we thought it would be cool to celebrate CanMag's second birthday. I had hoped to announce the birthday on Saturday, September 16th, but my 'high speed internet' in Phoenix, Arizona turned out to be one cruel lie.

So, with over 5,000 articles up, a film database that continues to grow, and two years behind us, what could possibly be next?

CanMag Turns Two

With Version 5 well underway -- save a few pages -- there is not that much new coming to the design or layout of CanMag. I am planning to get people cranking on the 'Top Polls' section and we should have a new one up just about every week.

Wait a sec! Since it is our birthday we decided to give something back to our readers. As some of you may know, we are currently in the middle of a year-long audit and that has caused us to analyze a ton of aspects about the site including -- your favorite -- the banner ads. We have decided to pull two of the ads by the middle of this upcoming week, which means less annoyances for you. Hopefully this will allow our site to better serve our readers more efficiently. Though the cut of advertisements obviously means less income for the site, we are hoping that in the long run our readers will now be able to open more pages per visit without getting annoyed, pissed, or to the point of sending us hate mail. We would have pulled the ads by CanMag's second birthday but were out of town.

Like last year, I figured we might as well give you our reader statistics.

CanMag.Com Stats
Year One Year Two
Unique Visitors
1,900,000 6,200,000
Pages Opened
5,300,000 18,100,000

Fun CanMag Info:

-Though various publications like to print that CanMag is in Canada, we are actually located in Orange County (Newport Beach), California.
-The Weinstein Company recently dug Fred's review for Clerks II and used a quote in the film's trailer.
-Though CanMag used to have an array of part-time writers, we have now cut the stock to six.
-We still dig scoops, and don't mind posting leaked info.

Thanks for the continued support!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of CanMag.Com.

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