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The New Mac Attack

Published January 12, 2005 in TECHNOLOGY
By Bubba Craner | Image from Mac Website
The New Mac Mini
Apple Computers has just unveiled the most affordable Mac ever, the Mac mini. The this new member added to its elegant family of computers has just tapped Apple into a market that they have long not been a part of, the bargain market.

First Look at the New Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini was revealed earlier this week in a San Francisco based electronics expo. This new machine is just two and a half inches long and wide, and two inches tall. It is weighing in at under three pounds and is not only packing all the great features that go along with their G4's, but is also fixing itself a place on the PC competition table.

Apple hopes that this new computer will by just the right size for those consumers out there who are frustrated with the perpetual blue-screen-crash of their PC's but not ready to fork out the money for an iMac or PowerMac.

The brilliant design team at Apple decided that the best way to cut the cost of a G4 Mac was to deprive it of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. They figured right because anyone switching over from PC to Mac will already have all of that equipment, and for those of you wondering, yes your existing hardware will work seamlessly. In fact Mac makes the only computer capable of disconnecting and reconnecting those pieces of hardware and having them function without needing to restart your computer.

For all of those narrow-minded consumers out there who think that a fully functional computer must come in a tall tower, think again. This new kid on the block packs a 1.2gig PowerPC G4 processor, 256 megabytes of ram (supports up to 1 gig), 40 gig hard drive, 32 megabytes of video memory, a slot-loading combo-drive (DVD-Rom/CD-RW), two USB 2.0 ports, one firewire 400 port, DVI output, VGA output (adapter included), audio line-out, 10/100base-T Ethernet port and a 56k V.92 modem. This machine is wireless ready, all it needs is an airport extreme card and you can throw your cables away.

The great people at Apple have also included the latest version of iLife, a digital software suite that will take you less time to figure out how to make your own movies, or burn a copy of your vacation pictures to send to your friends than it takes Windows XP to shutdown. All of this is boxed and ready to use at the starting price of $499.

So unless you want to keep renewing your annual anti-virus subscriptions just to be told that you have a virus and need to reformat your hard drive, you have virtually no excuse to not switch over to the computer that conforms to its users; as a opposed to PC's that require an intermediate level of knowledge just to comfortably use them, let alone work around all of the glitches and holes in the operating system.

For those interested, the Mac Mini will be ready to ship on January 22.
To learn more about the Mac Mini, go to the official website.
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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image from Mac Website

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