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Published April 3, 2006 in Technology
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of MovieLink
MovieLink- King Kong King Kong is one of the featured downloads.
There are many young internet users out there that have at one time in their life downloaded a film or album illegally. When a channel allows the opportunity for such actions, it is hard not to try them out.

However, with downloading illegal media comes risks including viruses, spyware (sometimes worse than viruses), and the MPAA. With the success of programs such as iTunes, which allow users to easily download albums and tracks for a small fee, it was only a matter of time before movies were next up to bat.

MovieLink and CinemaNow Approved

According to THR, five of the six major motion picture studios have agreed to allow consumers download movies to own on their own PC. At a price similar to that of DVD, you can begin capturing entire films to your hard drive in as little as ninety minutes (download times vary).

MovieLink had already excelled at download-to-rent, an option that allows a video file to remain on your computer up to 24 hours after its opened. If the video is not opened immediately after download, the user has up to thirty days to watch the 'rental.' Download-to-own, on the other hand, will remain on your computer for as long as you like and can be transferred to laptops and other PCs.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, MGM and Lionsgate titles will be available on CinemaNow. Movielink has agreements with those studios as well as with Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video and 20th Century Fox.

Though this technology is said to 'embrace the digital consumer,' it does have its draw backs. First off, the file for each film is bound to be HUGE. We had hoped that MovieLink would take the same approach as iTunes and allow the film to be burned to DVD at least once or twice. However, the standard still holds that the movies can not be copied onto a DVD, meaning that you will never be able to delete them off your hard drive (or risk losing the investment). Downloadable movies are a great solution for the digital consumer, how many extra hard drives are we going to need for our collection?

To help encourage the market, CinemaNow currently offers promotions to help lower the cost of movie downloads.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of MovieLink

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