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CanMag Update Gives Prizes

Published March 23, 2006 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of CanMag.Com
CanMag Version 5 Home Page Preview of Version 5.0
After working night and day on CanMag.Com Version 5.0 for the past few weeks we are finally ready to upload the finished product; or, at least the first draft of the finished product. However, the transition is bound to get messy throughout ALL day today.

(win prizes below)

CanMag.Com- Version 5.0

Now that we have finished adding the updated ad codes to our pages many of our pages will look full of advertisements until the finalized update tonight. I had hoped that nobody would really notice (or let it slide) but we have already received more than a few letters today on the issue. Damn those ads!

However, don't worry, we should have most of the issues resolved by tonight for a fresh start tomorrow morning. Then, within a few days after that, we plan to have the new ad program working solid (by that time ads will be able to switch off to not bombard the readers anymore).

However, one of the biggest announcements I'd like to make is that CanMag Forums is done being installed and is now live. To help give the forum a bit of a boost, we are currently running a promotion in order to get our readers to participate. The CanMag Forums will be integrated into Version 5.0.

CanMag Forums Promotion

In order to attract activity over to the CanMag.Com forums, we decided to give away 50 prizes available to the first 200 active members.

You can learn about the contest and the supplied prizes by heading over to this thread.

I think that is it and SORRY again for the little bugs and obsessive ads you may encounter during this upgrade. We promise we are working on this issue full-time.

Expect to see CanMag Version 5.0 by tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the continued support and check out our FORUMS!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of CanMag.Com

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