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CanMag Goes to Version 4.0

Published December 23, 2004 in INSIDE CANMAG.COM
By Ryan Parsons | None
We go from light gray to blue in the leftbar
I have been working some late nights to get CanMag.Com updated and back on track. The latest developments? CanMag.Com will go for Version 4! I know, Version 3 was just a few weeks ago but what started as a minor update soon became a full attempt to remove some of the latest program glitches and change out some graphics.

CanMag Goes for a Different Look

The left sidebar, the one with all of the link options, is going under a complete overhaul; a change that will remain if we get enough positive response for it. The change became necessary when it became apparent that the text was still hard to read for some resolutions [especially those past 1024px]. Now, the text font has been changed, the text style has been changed, the text color has been changed, and the leftbar background has been thrown out for a new one.

No resolution should have a problem seeing these links.

CanMag Trailer Program

There was an error with our trailer program that controls the trailer links in the leftbar. A lot of the trailer URL's were getting their dynamic variables dropped off. The result, users were taken to the listed trailer's website, not the trailer itself. This error has been corrected and now all trailer links do contain the full trailer paths.

***If you do like the new leftbar [once it is officially up], let us know! Either contact CanMag through the online form or go to our General Discussion Blog and post your thoughts.

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