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Entertainment Week in Review #6

Published February 23, 2006 in Entertainment
By Kasey Schiedeck | Image property of WireImage
Elisha Cuthbert and Paris Hilton Elisha Cuthbert and Paris Hilton- "That's Hot"
Here is the Week in Review for February 17th (posted February 22nd):

February 22nd Week in Review

1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes issue a joint statement that the couple is happily together amid rumor of a breakup.
This isn’t like when Cruise “reassigned” his publicist sister then claimed it wasn’t because of his couch jumping antics.

2. John Michael Montgomery arrested under charges of DUI, weapons, and prescription drugs.
He pleaded “Not Guilty” but he may be under the Winona Judd-Mindy McCready syndrome.

3. Paris Hilton pelted with flour by PETA demonstrators outside London fashion show.
Of all things related to Paris, it was merely the fur they had issue with?

4. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin claims “people are fed up with us and so are we” at Brit Music Awards.
Not you personally, Chris, just celebrities who name their children after fruit.

5. Madonna treated for a hernia.
Even with the biceps and everything, this doesn’t mean she isn’t female.

6. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shoots friend during Texas hunting spree.
Hopefully the troops in Iraq have better aim. And reflexes.

7. Judge sides with Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debie Rowe and fails to grant the King of Pop sole custody of their three children.
One day, they’ll thank the kind judge.

8. “24” actor Kiefer Sutherland and musician Jude Cole found an independent label, Ironworks Music.
There’s really nothing funny about that.

9. Nick Lachey files for alimony.
You mean “Soul0” just doesn’t quite cover the bills?

10. New James Bond actor Daniel Craig injured on set of “Casino Royale.”
This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a puny contender for the Bond role.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Kasey Schiedeck
Sources: Image property of WireImage

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