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PSP Losing Movies

Published February 16, 2006 in Technology
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Sony
Sony PSP Sony PSP
When the first PSP came out the initial rage was that it was great for travel, movies, data storage and gaming. Sony was able to get various movie studios to agree to create miniature UMD movies that can be played in the console plus stored in small, portable, cases.

Well, it looks like Sony may have overestimated the market and the studios are reacting by cutting off a lot of films that were supposed to come out for PSP.

PSP Loses Movies

According to Variety, Sony's Playstation Portable is not delivering as originally expected. With sales for UMD movies falling below expectations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are cutting back on releases for the PSP.

Since the release of the PSP Sony has encountered two problems that have hurt UMD (Universal Media Disc) sales. First, the market that Sony initially expected turned out to be much more narrow. Instead of avid movie-watchers purchasing the PSP, young gamers would purchase the console and then buy movies that fit their viewing preferences.

Hence, comedies that appeal to the core young male gamers are doing especially well.

The second issue encountered with PSP movies is the fact that PSP owners do not want to own two copies of each movie they enjoy; one DVD and one UMD.

Sony is currently working on this issue by creating an adapter that will allow a UMD movie to be watched on a normal-size television through th PSP. Sony is currently displaying the adapter to the studios to help get them back on board.

Though an adapter would be a great idea for some of the smaller televisions out there, we should only assume that the resolution suffers greatly when placed on any larger television or bigscreen.

Sony is cutting back on new releases and adding to its comedy slate for PSP with Monty Python content and Not Another Teen Movie. The studio realized that comedy was the way to go when Napoleon Dynamite became their top selling UMD.

The studios and Sony also have to deal with the retail outlets that have been slowly cutting down shelf space for UMD movies.

In the end, all sides have become disappointed with the consumer demand at this point in time.

Rebound? Possibly, but the release of PS3 could steal even more attention away from PSP with its new Blue-Ray technology.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Sony

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