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CanMag Hits 3,000

Published February 2, 2006 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of CanMag.Com
Bryce Dallas Howard Use the new sub-department system to find the updates you want.
To close out February 1st we figured we'd make an announcement to our readers that today marks the 3,000th update posted at CanMag.Com. After just under a year and a half we have finally hit what we consider a pretty significant number.

However, since the move to Newport Beach mid-January, we plan to offer our readers an additional 4,000 updates for 2006.

Let's see how close we can get.

For now, check out the recent updates and upgrades occurring at CanMag.Com.

CanMag.Com Updates

We currently have only two major updates in progress as we speak. We would also like to overhaul the entire site but don't expect to get to work on that until summer kicks off.

Therefore, here are the updates you can expect completed within the month.

Sub-Department Listings

It turns out that our readers are diverse and most are more into a specific type of update. Some like casting updates, some like movie reviews, some like movie trailers and others like movie stills (to name a few sub-departments).

Because of the emails we have received, we have added yet another article listing function to help our readers find the exact topics that they want.

If you dig 'Movie Trailers' and articles that have anything to do with them, then feel free to click the 'Movie Trailers' sub-department text within any similar article. Take a look at the example above to help clarify the link location.

For example: If you open an article that falls under 'Movie Trailers', you can now choose to look at all the articles for a given month or year that have to do with the same field of interest.

If you are not getting it, feel free to email me (shown below).

CanMag Forums

Due to our heavy traffic and multiple requests for a 'real' community, we figured that it was about time to create a forum at CanMag.Com. Using the typical software for larger forums, vBulletin, we plan to have the new community up and running through CanMag.Com by the end of the month or mid-March at the latest.

As mentioned above, we have been nagging ourselves about updating the overall look and usability of the site. However, since we do not have any design plans laid out as of yet, don't expect a completed overhaul until the end of summer.

Anything else?

Thanks for the continued support!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of CanMag.Com

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