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Entertainment Week in Review #3

Published January 30, 2006 in Entertainment
By Kasey Schiedeck | Image property of Sirius Radio
Underworld Evolution Poster Underworld: Evolution Poster
Here is the Week in Review for January 27th (posted on the 30th):

January 27th Week in Review

1. “Underworld: Evolution” pulls in $27 Million on it’s opening weekend .
Looks like the tighter pants and larger role of Scott Speedman conquered more than wrath from critics.

2. “Big Momma’s House 2” opens in theaters.
Somebody should start to ban Martin Lawrence from comedy altogether. Ok, the first one made over $100 million but so what.

3. “Nanny McPhee” opens in theaters.
Move over Jo Frost, there’s a new scary nanny in town!

4. Actor Aidan Quinn’s “Book of Daniel” dropped by NBC.
Boy, “Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius,” “Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honour,” “In Dreams”…the guy just can’t get a break!

4. Joaquin Phoenix walks away unharmed from a serious car accident.
Ever since the frog in his head incident…he’s never been the same.

5. Austria celebrates as Mozart turns 250.
Well, not exactly.

6. Actor Chris Penn dead at 40.
Now try to laugh at his character in “Reservoir Dogs.”

7. Nicole Kidman named a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador.
Unlike ex Tom Cruise, she promises to promote more than vitamins and exercise as remedies for illness.

8. Producer Aaron Spelling Sued for Sexual Harassment By Former Nurse.
This from the innocent man who cast his teenage daughter in a series about high school romance?

9. MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central shows available for download on iPods.
And you thought “Newlyweds” was gone forever!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Kasey Schiedeck
Sources: Image property of Sirius Radio

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