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Laptops Lowering Male Fertility-- Hooray for College Guys!

Published December 14, 2004 in HEALTH
By Ryan Parsons | Report statistics from Health Day
Having problems here! Baking my nuts!
While I have had many reasons to not like laptops, here is the latest reason: it cooks your balls. Uhh, let me get a little more specific: it has been shown that the increase in laptop use has had a direct correlation with the drops in male fertility. Where do I begin?

Why I Say to Avoid Laptops

First off, price is a big issue for me. I can have a sweet computer system built for about the third of the cost of a laptop, with just as much, or more, power. Ok, price is not an issue for some, but performance should be. Another issue is the cost and time required to make repairs on your laptop. Hurt your screen? That will cost you about $800 for the repair. I could build you a powerful computer for that much. Also, most repairs must be 'sent out.' This means that if you ever do encounter an issue with your laptop, better say goodbye to it for at least a month or two. Don't even get me started on upgrading your laptops. If the upgrade does not go into the swapable slots, probably going to have to send it out. This is unlike a computer, where every upgrade comes with manuals for any normal person to follow. However, always be wary of discharging any static electricity you may have built up [keep touching the power supply casing].

And, a last thing to note, most people who do purchase laptops never take them off of their desk. So, they bought a system for something that won't fare as well as a computer for a third of the cost. Why not save the money and buy a nicer/bigger desk?

Ok ok, I own a laptop. However, I only use it when I am away from my workstation or out on a job. I also like to be outside when I type up reports.

Laptops and Male Fertility

According to recent reports, laptops may do more than just waste your money. It seems that a lot of people use laptops by placing them on their lap. While this is not a big issue for females, it just became a big issue for males. By having a hot laptop on your lap, you trap heat right on top of your 'junk.' This rise in heat can cause your sperm formation to drop considerably.

While this may turn out to be a perk for college guys, it has become a serious issue in the field of sexual health. The formula has actually been pretty clear for some time. Anything that warms the testicles will also lower the sperm count. An example of this is male fertility during Summer and Winter. During Summer, the average male sperm count drops by 41% of what the count is during the Winter.

Should you worry? Probably not. It seems that there are a lot of things out there that raise your 'package' temperature by a similar amount. Just by sitting at a desk [with your legs closed] for two hours can raise your 'package' temperature by a little over two degrees celsius. By having a laptop on your lap, you can raise your manhood by just under three degrees celsius.

My laptop gets so hot, I don't even think I could hold it on my lap. I'm talking burn temperatures here.

So, here is your best advice: put your laptops on something other than your lap. Am I hearing desktops now?
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Report statistics from Health Day

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