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Entertainment Week in Review #1

Published January 13, 2006 in Entertainment
By Kasey Schiedeck | Image property of Sirius Radio
Howard Stern Now on Sirius You can now find Howard Stern on Sirius Radio.
Here is the Week in Review for January 13th:

January 13th Week in Review

1. Angelina Jolie to have Brad Pitt’s baby.
He promises no more biker beards, she promises no more vials of blood.

2. Howard Stern moves to satellite radio.
Without the FCC breathing down his neck, the self-proclaimed King of All Media can now joke about paraplegics and rape using the “F” word as many times as he wants—all for only $12.95/month!

3. no longer in service.
No longer satisfied with a morning dose of Stern? For only $2.00 more you could’ve watched Colin Farrell’s two-year-old sex tape with Playboy model Nicole Narain on the raunchy website—until a Los Angeles Superior Court judge shut the site down this week.

4. Lindsay Lohan admonishes her latest Vanity Fair interview: “’I did drugs a little, but I have that out of my system now’…I did not do drugs!...‘I was sick, I needed help’…My words were misused and misconstrued!”
Don’t tell me her picture perfect image has been unfairly tarnished!

5. Eminem and ex-wife Kim Mathers petition for a Michigan marriage license.
Does this mean no more songs about the B*@! from Detroit?

6. “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts returns to the big screen teeming with Tom Hanks in Mike Nichol’s political drama “Charlie Wilson’s War.”
This announced after reportedly turning down an offer from Richard Gere to appear in the film sequel “Runaway Pride”.

7. Starbucks domination enters a whole new realm.
The ubiquitous coffee joint will offer exclusive previews, soundtracks, and DVDs of the new film “Akeelah the Bee,” the story of a poor LA girl with a keen mind for writing. Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz threatens to “change the rules of the game for film and distribution” in much the same way they changed the rules for selling coffee at $3.00+ a pop.

8. Gay radio listeners rejoice: Sony BMG to offer radio programming slated towards homosexual Americans.
Alas, a point for the return of Boy George.

9. Director Robert Altman announced as recipient of this year’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science honorary Oscar.
Apparently all is forgiven for 1980’s “Popeye”.

10. Federal prosecutor Andrew Reich says “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch knew he wasn’t reporting his season one $1 million payday to the feds.
What?! No friggin’ way he would do something like that!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Kasey Schiedeck
Sources: Image property of Sirius Radio

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