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iPod: Uncensored?

Published November 15, 2005 in Technology
By Kasey Schniedeck | Image property of Apple
iPod The Ipod.
Although Apple Computers Corporation refused to comment on recent allegations that they may be planning to offer pornographic downloads for the ever popular iPods in the near future, others media groups eager to beat the conglomerate have already done the deed.

A Look at Podcasting

According to the Associated Press, Sin City Co. already offers shorts and full-length adult films available for download on the Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The company reps now say they plan to create similar full-length adult films for the new video iPod.

One adult video producer, Vivid Entertainment Group, claims to be creating shorter films designed for download on the video iPod. Even if Apple steers clear of the controversial adult film industry, other online porn sites seem to have taken the reigns.

Already in the game is telecommunications company Xobile which sells adult video clips for cell phones. The only prerequisite for the download: an Internet browser. As most of the newer cell phones available have such capability, downloading the material has become easier than ever.

Parents and social groups have already planned an activist group aimed at keeping the content from becoming to easily accessible. Senior Vice President of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families Jack Samad says that despite such efforts “the arena is wide open, unfiltered, [and] unrestricted, for adult content.” The problem is, Samad compains, that technology seems to be more readily available to and embraced by children rather than their parents. "Children are very aware of where it is and how to download it." For now it appears, however, that iPod users searching for the adult material will still have to go to the outside sources.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Kasey Schniedeck
Sources: Image property of Apple

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