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Raging Bull-- The Soundtrack

Published August 17, 2005 in Movie Music
By Bubba Craner | Image from Amazon
Raging Bull Soundtrack Raging Bull Soundtrack available for purchase at Amazon.
Though Thursday seems to be an odd day for a new release, what is being released may be even stranger, though nonetheless very inviting.

The official Raging Bull Soundtrack is releasing for the first time ever by Capitol Records. Along with this two-disc collection of classic songs are liner notes by both Martin Scorsese (executive producer) and Robbie Robertson (soundtrack producer). This release contains two previously unreleased and unfinished tracks composed by Robbie Robertson.

Raging Bull Soundtrack

This soundtrack corresponds with the February 15, 2005 Special Edition release of Raging Bull. The special edition DVD was released by MGM.

Raging Bull is number 24 on AFI's top 100 films of all time.

You may be asking yourself why this release is important, or even why after all of these years is it even being released. The overall consensus of Scorsese and Robertson is that music and film is the same thing, and that all through their lives music has played a crucial role in dictating moods and feeling, whether they were trying to manipulate their moods, the moods of others or were just being entranced by the music alone. Music can be heard without being listened to, like the cheerfully boring sound of the ice cream truck, or your moms humming while she cooks. Music is everywhere and it affects everything.

Scorsese and Robertson wanted to score Raging Bull with songs that meant something to the film. They wanted every note of every song to be able to convey the feelings and moods that were being conveyed in the film. And for all intents and purposes, they achieved their vision-the film would obviously never been released had the soundtrack not been finished, for they go hand in hand.

The soundtrack is more or less the film, and vice versa. So even thirty years later, if it has been that long (which is just much too long to go between viewings of one of the best films of all-time), you can drop the disc in move to the movie while you do whatever it is you do while listening to music. Or maybe in this perfect-soundtrack case, you will do whatever the music makes you do.

Stay tunes for updates, as there will be a review of the actual soundtrack coming soon.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image from Amazon

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