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MySpace Goes to Fox

Published August 3, 2005 in Technology
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of MySpace
MySpace MySpace.Com gets priced.
The one truth about the internet is that everybody under the age of 35 knows something about or has seen the extremely popular online community known as MySpace. The site, run by 29 - year - old Tom Anderson, is known for its ability to allow users to keep in touch, listen to music, send comments, post pictures, and create their own networks. The online community also features extra tools such as a 'MySpace Player' that allows bands to show off their music to any one who stumbles by their official page.

But MySpace doesn't even stop there. Realizing the popularity of the site, and the massive amounts of traffic that it receives, movie distribution companies will also show up as profiles while they show off some of the biggest films coming our way.

And, behind it all, just remains Tom, a friend to every new member to MySpace and the guy that keeps the site running 'smoothly'. However, this may soon change, as Tom's parent company, Intermix, was recently offered a price from the company everybody knows, FOX, in their attempt to create a new division known as 'FOX Interactive Media.' Why the heck would Intermix want to hand itself over to FOX when it has got MySpace under its belt? Well, I can think up a bunch of reasons, 580 million reasons as a matter fact.

MySpace Goes to Fox

Yes, FOX will soon be the controlling entity of MySpace.Com thanks to the $580M paid for Intermix. However, according to Tom, have no fear, as he, nor FOX, expect anything to change over at MySpace. Rumors such as added censorship and increased advertisements are just rumors. However, don't be surprised if you see a lot more American Idol ads in the standard banner spots over at MySpace.

By purchasing MySpace.Com, FOX has picked up a site rated 24 by Alexa and a membership system that currently shows at least 24,106,000 members. Whoa! Even though the question remains on just how many of those members are unique, it is still safe to say that FOX now has access to a ton of information. Whether they choose to use it is beyond what anyone could rumor or guess.

The traffic received at MySpace alone should allow FOX to make a generous income simply through banner ad placement. FOX can also use the site to sponsor some smaller sites, allowing them to also grow considerably. The Alexa rating above, 24, means that MySpace.Com is the 24th most visited site in the world. According to the latest stats, if you were ranked 1,000 in Alexa, it would mean that you receive approximately 200,000 unique visitors per day. Judging by this number, I can only imagine what MySpace is receiving.

At this point in time have no fear MySpace users. Tom has dedicated years of his life to make MySpace the website it is today and I doubt he will step down anytime soon. However, he can definitely take extended vacations now in his private jet [or when he gets one]. Or, he can just send over .01% of those earnings to us at CanMag.Com so we could live happily too.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of MySpace

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