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Mailbag- Spidy Villain Rumors and Star Wars Theories

Published June 23, 2005 in CanMag Mailbag
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
Venom Still rooting for Venom in Spider-Man 3
We have been getting tons of emails this week about Spider-Man 3 rumors, LOST theories, and Star Wars rants. The largest surpise was the two of the three articles were posted a while back, so why the renewed interest I cannot say. However, here is the latest from the CanMag.Com mailbag.

Spider-Man 3 Villain Rumors

On this last Monday I posted the article on Spider-Man 3 Villain Talk and had a huge response to it. It turns out that just about everyone either desperately wants to know who the next villain, or should I say villains, is going to be, or are tired of hearing about it. My own thoughts are this-- while there are many who plan on five more Spider-Man films coming our way, I just cannot see that far ahead. We need to do the rad villains now why we still have a chance. I don't think we can have Tobey McGuire still battling as Spider-Man at age 45. So, I am going to assume that we have got probably another two films left [at least in this run], and we should use the villains people want most. Therefore, lets rock Venom and Sandman in Spider-Man 3, and then we can have The Lizard and 2nd Green Goblin [Harry] come back to wrap this baby up in Spider-Man 4.

But, there are still rumors on who the villain can be and, sadly enough, Thomas Haden Church's comments did not help much. After posting the latest on the villain rumors, I received this post [in our blogs] from 'Chris', who just wants to get the villain issue solved:

It is very obvious who Thomas Hayden Church will be playing in SM3, especially when you take into account the "hint" he recently dropped. "Amorphous"??? C'mon people, if you don't think it is Sandman, something is wrong with you. Amorphous means he can take many different shapes, which narrows it down to only a few villains. With all the rumorus about Sandman conceptual art, and sand blowing around the set, it is a 0-1% chance that he will not be playing Sandman. Sorry Venom fans, but hey, theres hope that Topher might be playing Eddie Brock but I doubt it. Other villains that fit the "Amorphous" bill (Chameleon and Hydro Man) aren't really big enough Villains to be in a Spidey movie anyways (MAYBE Chameleon but I dont think so). My question is who is Topher playing? (Eddie Brock I doubt it though).... and what about the Lizard? (Dr. Connors introduced in #2). Don't forget something has to happen with Harry as well..... I just wish they'd tell us who the damn villains are and get it over with.

Star Wars Theories

When I first posted the theories for Star Wars, while I got a huge response from all of them, most came in for Did Anakin Bring Balance to the Force? I love the feedback on this because I get to hear from the true die-hard Star Wars fans that have obviously debated this topic for years. Whether bar fights have occurred over Star Wars, I cannot really say... but I hope the Jedi won. Since feedback has been slow on this theory, I was pleased to hear from 'Curran,' who had this to say:

just read your rant i think your defentlly wrong about cloning and midiclorians [cloning theory], but as for anakin/vader bring balance to the force im completly with you .im a huge star wars fan and have argued with many other fans that anakin is the chosen one and not his weaker son luke. Luke infact brings the force back into un balance when he starts to train jedi . thank you for sharing my belif in the prophcy and keep up the good work.

Thanks Chris and Curran for the feedback, as we appreciate the good and bad in every email we receive. However, if you tell me to go blow my mom it is unlikely that I will post it.

For the Star Wars theories, you can go to the ROTS Movie Page or to the AT Articles Page [near the bottom].

Stay tuned for updates.
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Ryan Parsons
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