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Riley’s Got A Fever To Give

Published June 17, 2005 in Novel News
By Bubba Craner | Image from Amazon
Fever Purchase at Amazon
On its way to store shelves is Tim Riley's expectantly exhilarating novel, Fever: How Rock and Roll Transformed Gender In America. The paperback edition is scheduled for a June 2005 release, however, for the zealous book buyers the book hasn't yet made it onto the tangible shelves of our favorite bookstore; Amazon, or other online retailers are currently the only places selling the book.

Fever: How Rock and Roll Transformed Gender in America

Fever examines the effects that music and pop culture has had on American men and women. Kicking off with the birth of rock and roll, Riley connects the Elvis effect to not only opening the flood gates for musical creativity in a new genre, but how it also gave men and women an opportunity to break out of the mold of prior gender roles.

Riley continues to elaborate on how all of the progressing genre's of rock and roll have played a major role in defining who we American's are; more so than celebrity idols and sports role models.

Riley's novel publications include Tell Me Why, The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, The Sixties and After, which has made its way into the classroom of college level pop-culture classes, Hard Rain: A Dylan Commentary and Madonna Illustrated.

Riley is also the music commentator for NPR's HERE AND NOW, a nationally syndicated daytime show out of Boston's WBUR. His credentials include two BA degrees from Oberlin, Ohio in English with honors and music in piano performance. Riley received his master of music degree in music performance and literature in piano from the University of Rochester.

This is sure to be not just a fun, exciting and nostalgic-at-times read, but thoroughly insightful too. For those interested, enjoy, and when I get my copy and read it you can be sure I will review it. So give me your feedback when the review is posted.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Bubba Craner
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