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Super Tuesday

Published June 7, 2005 in Music
By Bubba Craner | Image property of
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Today marks the day the music industry is calling 'Super Tuesday,' because three highly anticipated albums are officially on store shelves today. The music industry is enthusiastic about the success of these three albums, but does the public feel the same? Will these albums be capable of reaching gold or platinum status on their own, or will their success be driven based solely on the success of these artists' previous albums? And if the latter is the case, will these albums even be considered a success?

So what are the Albums?

Well if you don't know already, the three albums marking June 7, 2005 as 'Super Tuesday' are: "Get Behind Me Satan" by The White Stripes, "Monkey Business" by The Black Eyed Peas and "X & Y" by Coldplay.

"Get Behind Me Satan" was written entirely on piano, marimba and acoustic guitar. However, this should not and does not suggest that the innovative blues duo that we have grown to love have gone soft. In fact, this album is every bit as hard, and soft as The White Stripes' other albums. All this is suggesting is that Jack and Meg have not just repeated what they have already done, which further emphasizes why they have an album in the top 500 rock & roll albums of all time (according to Rolling Stone magazine). With "Get Behind Me Satan," The White Stripes have proved that they are an innovative and stretching rock group that is not going away anytime soon. This album should surely find great success, and check back with us for a full album review, which should be coming within a week.

"Monkey Business" is also expected to receive high acclaim, however I feel that this prediction is based solely on the fact that The Black Eyed Peas' previous album achieved a grand status, or rather sold millions of copies. The Black Eyed Peas were not planning on releasing an album this year because of their heavy touring, but because of so much traveling, they decided to write on the road. I am not expecting much from this album, however it may still sell quite well. The Black Eyed Peas are no longer a hip-hop group, but are better labeled as a pop group. "Lets Get It Started" has been the theme of the NBA this year, and has been featured on countless commercials. I am betting that there will be a few tracks on "Monkey Business" that will follow the same path. However, I don't think that The Black Eyed Peas are excellent songwriters, and because they wrote this entire album on the road, I don't feel that it will be a compelling album that demands much rotation on the grounds of ingenuity and creativity.

"X & Y" has a whole lot to live up to. Whether you like Coldplay or not, you cannot dismiss the fact that they are one of the most demanded groups on the planet right now. Chris Martin feels that he had a whole lot to live up to with this album. The bar was set very high, and Coldplays' fans have high expectation after giving Coldplay's sophomore album such grand acclaim. Martin has been quoted saying that he removed himself from his friends and family while writing and producing this album, and that he feels he did damage to those relationships. He feels as though he owes it to his friends and family to re-nurture the bond he has with them. From this, we can deduce that he devoted himself to the writing and production of this album, which suggests that it will at least find as much acclaim as Coldplays last album. At least lets hope it does for Martin's sake.

At any rate, will June 7, 2005 go done in history as the music industries 'Super Tuesday,' or will it just be another Album-releasing Tuesday? Only time will tell.

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Bubba Craner
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