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CanMag is Back!

Published June 3, 2005 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | None
CanMag New CanMag.Com Server Now Online!
We finally had everything setup on the new CanMag server last Friday. Seeing that everything was almost working as it should, I opted to go forward with the domain transfer and hoped it would be complete by the time I got back from Havasu on Monday. But NO! Nothing is that easy!

CanMag.Com Back and Running

Hopefully you should have noticed how much faster CanMag.Com runs now on the new server [I sure have]. Also, while the site was 'down' we continued to add a ton of articles, so please make sure to check out everything you might have missed.

Other than that I ask for our readers to report any problems they may encounter as we are still working to remove dormant bugs that keep popping up over time. If you find an error with the site, contact us.

Thanks again for all your support. We have been working with Deep Focus during this period and should have a couple giveaways running by this evening. So be sure to come back and try to win free movie merchandise.

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