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Sorry for the Server

Published May 1, 2005 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | None
CanMag I assure you that we are twice as pissed
Hey everybody. If you tried to check out CanMag yesterday, Saturday, you probably came across a 'Bandwidth Exceeded' screen. For this-- we apologize.

More Server Problems

Some time during the middle of the day yesterday I was called by a friend [thanks Brad] to warn me that he could not access the site and that I had a 'Bandwidth Exceeded' notice. Now, while success [and use of bandwidth] is great, that wasn't exactly the case. It turns out our hosting solution, Powweb, is monitoring the limits of our site by the hour [rather than by the day]. 'Unfortunately' we had a great 2AM on Saturday and were punished the rest of the day for it. While the statement from the server said we passed our 5GB bandwidth limit-- that was a lie. We did not come remotely close to that limit due to hidden restrictions placed down by our host Powweb.

And now the server is extremely slow today. So, I am quickly looking into new servers and trying to work something out with Powweb. Hopefully, I can get the server issues and hour limits resolved with Powweb so CanMag can remain a hosted site on the same server. However, I am beginning to have my doubts on this as well [fingers crossed].

If you do have suggestions for dedicated servers or VPS, please give us a holla.

Again, thanks for all the continued support from CanMag readers.

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Ryan Parsons
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