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New Mac OS- Tiger Unleashed

Published April 21, 2005 in Technology
By Bubba Craner | Image property of Apple
Apple OS Tiger 10 New Apple OS- Tiger 10.4
April 29th 2005 marks the release of Apple Inc.'s latest installment of the 'worlds most sophisticated operating system.' Apple users have been counting down for over two years for this release and apple says that his will be the last version of their 10.0 operating system.

Apple 10.0

It was just a few years ago that Apple decided to design the worlds most sophisticated operating system, and through the years I think they have proved that-their last version, Panther, is absolutely a rock-solid operating system built on the Unix-based Aqua interface. As the years pasted Apple's design and programming team has incorporated the simplistically professional functionality that has come to be expected from apple, and the comments and suggestions of consumers.

The tiger is coined, the king of the jungle, and I think it is appropriate to title the last version of this work-in-progress operating system. Apple has stated that, although they will continue to update its operating system, this is that last overhaul/upgrade for a while.

One of the most ingenious changes that was made, or rather introduced, in the last version was the expose feature. This feature allows you to define the corners of your screen to display certain windows that are open. Say your are typing something out in a word processor while listening to music through iTunes and you need to look up some information on the Internet. Well, while on-line you decide to check your email, but you do so by opening another window so you don't have to go back the page that you were in the middle of looking at. Where Windows would put all of your open windows and programs in the task bar, Expose allows you to just move the curser to the defined corner and all of the windows appear on the screen at once. From there you can select which window you wish to view.

A lot of users were more than content with this version, but here are some of the highlighted features you can find in the latest version, Tiger:


Experience the breakthrough new desktop search technology that finds anything on your computer as quickly as you type. Search your entire system from one place: Files, images, emails, contacts, calendars and applications appear instantly.


Zooming to the top of your Desktop with the click of a function key, Dashboard, like Exposť, disappears just as easily. Use Dashboard to access nifty new mini- applications called widgets.

Safari RSS

The world's fastest web browser for the Mac, Safari now boasts built-in RSS support. Scan the latest news, information and articles from thousands of websites in one easy-to-read, searchable article list using Safari RSS.

iChat AV

Tiger iChat AV brings multi-way video and audio conferencing directly to your Desktop with new technology that delivers stunning, true-to-life picture and crystal- clear conversation.


An innovative personal automation assistant that helps you streamline challenging repetitive manual tasks without programming, Automator works like a robot inside your computer.

QuickTime 7

Make the future of video crystal clear with new QuickTime 7 features including user-friendly controls and pristine H.264 video. Upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro and capture your own movies, then share them via email or .Mac.

.Mac Sync

With .Mac sync now fully built in to Mac OS X Tiger preferences, staying up to date is simple. Sync information from your favorite applications to multiple Macintosh computers and your .Mac account seamlessly.


The spoken English interface to Mac OS X, Voiceover enhances the Universal Access capabilities of Mac OS X to provide a new way for the visually impaired to access the Macintosh through speech, audible cues and keyboard navigation.

Parental Controls

Mac OS X Tiger is the most family-friendly operating system ever developed, thanks to Parental Controls. Protect kids over a wide range of system preferences and applications, including Mail, Safari, iChat and more.


Take control of your correspondence with Mac OS X Tiger Mail, now featuring Spotlight search technology. Find email instantly and accurately, organize messages using Smart Folders and share, save or view emailed images easily.

These features are only the most anticipated of the more than 200 changes and new features. For more details then click here:

For those of you who chose to preorder your copy of Tiger, Apple is offering a free professional tutorial at your nearest store on the day of release.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image property of Apple

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