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Do Not Call Me

Published April 18, 2005 in Technology
By Bubba Craner | Image from Do Not Call
Do Not Call Do Not Call
Around the middle of May 2005 telemarketers will have legitimate access to your cell phone number, and will be calling on your minutes-your money.

Telemarketers Go Cell

This was to be in effect as of Jan. 1, 2005, and may have been, however, after receiving numerous emails concerning this issue, I have decided to take it upon myself to inform the public. For all intents and purposes, it is superfluous to dwell on whether this was effective in January or not until the middle of May, whether effective then or in the recent future, telemarketers will be calling your cell phones. If you are interested in not being hassled by telemarketers and racking up charges on your cell phone just to tell them you're not interested and to stop calling, then register your cell phone with the National Do Not Call List.

The NDNCL is 100% legitimate and guarantees their services for five years. The NDNCL does not guarantee that you will never receive a sales call, however they do guarantee to decrease the volume of sales calls you may potentially receive.

How It Works:

The NDNCL will send out your registry information (phone number) to their list of telemarketers who are then obligated to not call you. Their list of telemarketers continues to grow, however it does not yet include every telemarketing company from across the globe. Once on the list, telemarketers have thirty-one days to stop calling you. After that initial thirty-one day period, they cannot call you for five years, and if they do then you may file an official complaint with the NDNCL. The NDNCL is managed and enforced by the Federal Trades Commission (FTC), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state enforcement officials.

To register with the NDNCL call: 888-382-1222 or visit their website:

For those of you who choose to register by phone, you need to call from the phone number that you wish to register.

UPDATED: Here is a snippet of a letter from 'Kathleen' that says not to worry about this 'myth' as it is not nearly extreme as the hype is claiming:

First, it is already illegal for a telemarketer (defined by the FCC as: "unsolicited commercial contact") to contact your cell phone for any reason. Secondly, there is absolutely no way for anyone to get these numbers more than one at a time. And, at an average cost of $1.25 per call that would create one heck of an expensive list - and for what? - It can't be used. I've take the liberty of attaching some information you might find helpful on this issue.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image from Do Not Call

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