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Two Villains for Spider-Man 3?

Published April 15, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
Hobgoblin for Spider-Man 3? Hobgoblen [Ultimate] for Spider-Man 3?
When Sam Raimi and Columbia Pictures began to look for the next Spider-Man villain, most were hoping for Venom [I know I was]. In what seemed like a sudden surge of disappointment, we heard the news that Peter Parker would have to take on Sandman. Yes, I was first disappointed, but then I thought about how cool the sand effects could be and decided to let it go.

Now it seems that Sam Raimi could not let it go, and he still wants to have two villains. Actually, he had wanted two villains for Spider-Man 2, but couldn't get the go. This time, it actually looks like he may pull it off. So is it Venom? No! Wha?

Hobgoblin for Spider-Man 3

While it is unofficial news as of now, it seems that Harry Osborn may be coming back as the Hobgoblin. If you remember at the end of Spider-Man 2, where the story of the Hobgoblin begins, we encounter Harry as he discovers one of his father's secret Green Goblin lairs. Actually, Harry then becomes the ULTIMATE Hobgoblin. The original Hobgoblin is actually Roderick Kingsley, a man who suffered multiple defeats not only from Spider-Man but from various enemies. I guess for the films sake, we will skip the Hobgoblin and go right into the Ultimate Hobgoblin [Harry Osborn].

I can't be disappointed with the latest scoop, as the 2nd Green Goblin was my second choice. But I guess we are skipping this phase with Harry also.

[scoop below]

Here is the scoop sent in to LatinoReview:

Yes the Sandman will be in Spider-Man 3 but he's not the only villain. And no it isn't Black Cat like some people were suggesting. It will be SANDMAN AND HOBGOBLIN.

I hope it's true! Stay tuned for updates. Spider-Man 3 Movie Page coming soon!

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Marvel

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