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Actor Leaves Superman to Return to His House

Published April 5, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property unknown
Hugh Laurie Hugh Laurie leaves Superman
Hugh Laurie, the actor from the Fox television series House, has decided to pull out of Bryan Singer's upcoming movie Superman Returns.

Hugh Laurie Out of Superman

It looks like Hugh Laurie had to decide whether to work with Bryan Singer in Superman Returns or to work with Bryan Singer in the Fox television series House. Choices, choices. Well, I guess it is better to star in a show that play a big part in a HUGE movie [some may differ]. However, Hugh Laurie has decided that he cannot do the TV series and the movie at the same time, so decided to remain with House.

So who will play the role that Hugh Laurie left-- the role of Perry White?

Bryan Singer's immediate solution for Perry White has come in the answer of Frank Langella; better known as Skeletor. Besides the actor change, there should be no further problems on the set considering the fact that there have been no scenes shot yet that contain Perry White.

Stay tuned for updates.

For more Superman news, go to the Superman Returns Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
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