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Timberlake in Die Hard 4?

Published April 4, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property unknown
Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake may graduate to Die Hard 4
The casting for Die Hard 4 has now gone all over the map. In a recent article, we stated that Bruce Willis was considering Ben Affleck to play his cop son in the next Die Hard. That news blew some hats off and had people talking. Not exactly that Ben Affleck is a bad choice; after all, he performed well in The Sum of All Fears. It is just that it is Ben Affleck, the man that formerly went as 'Bennifer'.

And, just when it seemed that we couldn't get enough, we receive more news on another male individual who may join Willis in Die Hard as his character's son. But who is it this time?

NSync in Die Hard?

According to MovieHole, Bruce Willis has been spending some time with Justin Timberlake for the upcoming film Alpha Dog. While most thought it was strange to see Timberlake in a film such as this, the early buzz has stated that he is perfect for film. So, taking this a step further, Willis is supposedly thinking the same thing and considering graduating Timberlake up to Die Hard 4.

In the film, Timberlake will be some type of super cop who could dance around bullets and then sing sad songs about a love lost. Nah, that's not exactly it, but check out a snippet from MovieHole below:

Co-star Bruce Willis obviously thinks dancing-man Timberlake 'has got it' because he's gunning for Britney's one-time beau to join him for the next "Die Hard".

An insider tells Moviehole that Willis and Timberlake apparently got along like cats to a plush toy on the set of "Alpha" - and now, Willis is trying to coax him into playing his on-screen son in "Die Hard 4.0".

John Jr, John McClane's son, was featured in the original "Die Hard". In the next film, he'll be older - and with sister Lucy (the part Jessica Simpson auditioned for last year) gets entangled in Dad's latest adventure.

Head over to MovieHole for the whole article.

Stay tuned for updates. Die Hard 4 Movie Page coming soon

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Ryan Parsons
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