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A King Kong Sequel?

Published April 1, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of KongisKing
King Kong Son of Kong?
On production diary day 123 from Peter Jackson on the King Kong set, Jackson comes forward and says that he and his crew have spent the last two months setting up plans to create a King Kong sequel. The sequel, now known as Son of Kong, is set up and already has a production schedule. Or so Jackson says...

Son of Kong

In the latest video diary, Jackson even shows images of the production folder for Son of Kong, with a logo exactly the same as the text for Kong. They even go on to say that Son of Kong will be two movies shot back to back.

I'm sorry, but something sounds fishy here. They even have Jack Black telling how relieved he was to finally get this news out in the open. After Black, they quickly shoot through the cast who all seem to have something to say about the sequel(s). Hmmmm!

So, I'll say this, I'm feeling that this is the ultimate Peter Jackson practical joke for April Fools [April 1st]. But who knows, we will probably find out in a few days. To check the diary out yourself, CLICK HERE.

For all the clips, movie stills, artwork, and synopsis, go to the King Kong Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of KongisKing

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