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Your Sin City Preview Guide

Published March 31, 2005 in Movie Previews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Dimension
Sin City Clive Owen as Dwight
Ok, Sin City is now only a day away from release, so it is time for all of your last previews before the actual viewing of the Robert Rodriguez film on Friday. So, to help all moviegoers, I have created a special preview packet that will help introduce you to the characters and the story behind Sin City.

Sin city - The Graphic Novels

According to early reports, the Sin City movie is almost a replication to the Sin City novels. I have read two of the three main storylines presented in Sin City; the ones of Marv and Hartigan. However, I was unable to read the story about Dwight [Clive Owen], nor did I really want to. Considering what I have heard, I want to have at least one of the plot lines to be a surprise to me.

For those who wanted to get inside the Sin City graphic novels used in the film from Frank Miller, check out the first looks into Sin City below:

A Deeper Look Inside Sin City- Sin City Original
A Deeper Look Inside Sin City- That Yellow Bastard

Each article will take you inside the Sin City novels and how they inspired the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller film.

Sin city - The Trailers

Below is a list of active links that allow you to check out all the editions to the Sin City trailer. I have also posted a link to four clips taken directly out of Sin City.

First Trailer: Watch
2nd Trailer: Watch
Four Clips: Watch

Sin city - Early Reviews

So far, early reviews for Sin City have been promising. RottenTomatoes has even felt abliged to give Sin City the seal of 'Certified Fresh', based off of the early positive reviews. If you wanted to check out some early Sin City reviews, use the links below:


Sin city - Additional Media

Here is a list of additional media you may want to check out to help get you amped for the upcoming release of Sin City.

Behind the Scenes
Clive Owen and Benicio Del Toro Interview
Alba, Dawson, and Murphy Interview
Sin City Artwork to Movie Comparison
Sin City Storyboard Art
Last Sin City Interviews

If you need anything else Sin City, including a ton of movie stills, go to the Sin City Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Dimension

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