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Did Clive Owen Confirm Bond?

Published March 29, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount Classics
Clive Owen Clive Owen may be the next spy who pulls chicks as easy as he kills... whoever.
The one thing that is great about rumors and early buzz, is the fact that nothing less than an 'official' announcement can dispell them. The same goes for the parade of questions thrown at Clive Owen about his role [or lack thereof] in the next Bond film. When Clive Owen says 'No' to his involvement in Bond, moviegoers and press both go crazy claiming that he is hiding something.

So what of Owen now?

Owen Lightens up on Bond

It is completely understandable to keep questioning an actor, even when they seem to be in denial. It now looks like Clive Owen is starting to soften up on his denials to Bond; the recent interview with IESB being no exception.

Now that Sin City is out of the way [it premiered last night], IESB was able to catch up with Clive Owen and ask him, supposedly for the final time, what his latest thoughts were on playing Bond in Casino Royale. So, what did Clive Owen have to say?

In what looks to be a complete about-face, Clive Owen states that he "will be busy for a while," all while nodding his head YES. To try to make a confirmation, IESB asked again, "any truth to the James Bond rumors?", and again Clive Owen states, "I will be busy for a while." All while holding a big grin on his face.

Do we have our next Bond? Well, check out the entire video interview and find out.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount Classics

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