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Crow and Howard Enjoy Duff

Published March 29, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from A Beautiful Mind
Russell Crowe and Ron Howard Russell Crowe and Ron Howard team up.
When I first hear of Russell Crowe and Duff, I either think Crow is having an affair with a younger hottie or that he enjoys the infamous beer from The Simpsons. Well, I could not be more wrong either way. Russell Crow will team up with old pal Ron Howard to create the film Duff.

Duff Movie

Ron Howard will be busy the next couple of years. The guy has so many projects, people are wondering what films are going to hit production or the shelves. As of now, Ron Howard is ready to release Cinderella Man [starring Russell Crowe] in a couple of months and then he has a whole list of 'Ron Howard's Next' that he has to look at. With Duff, Howard has also announced that he is doing The Da Vinci Code and The Serpent and the Eagle. We are talking at least three films in the next two years from Howard.

While some may call this an overload, Howard just can't refuse the chance to work with Russell Crowe again. And, after A Beautiful Mind, why should he?

[Duff synopsis below]

According to Variety, Duff is about a big time anchorman whose father's death causes him to have a slight breakdown and find a solution by announcing prayers on the air. While the audiences consider this strange, the anchorman becomes a huge sensation when his aired prayers are answered.

Expect great things from this duo, and stay tuned for updates.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from A Beautiful Mind

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